• Lubrikit Magnum Grease and Oil Kit

The Magnum kit offers the same high performance gease and oil of the regular lubrikit except you get twice as much grease. Instead of two 15cc syringes the Magnum kit has two 30cc syringes of Lubrikit SFL-0 gease plus a 4oz bottle of FMO-350AW oil.

Lubrikit's Lubriplate SFL-0 Grease:
Lubriplate grease has been well known for many years to be a fantastic firearm lubricant.
With tighter tolerances on newer firearms the SFL series, specifically SFL-0 is the best.

- Grant Cunningham a well known professional gunsmith writes "For such things as autoloader slides and rifle bolts, Lubriplate "SFL" NLGI #0 grease is my choice. In testing, it has proven itself superior as a general lubricant. It is white, aluminum-based, low odor, has superb boundary lubricants, and is designed specifically for use in environments that encounter
a huge temperature range (-40F to 300F). It's also resistant to water washout and acid/alkali environments, has great shear resistance, and doesn't oxidize like lithium greases will. As an all-around grease I've found nothing better."

Lubrikit's Lubriplate FMO-AW oil
"If we were to spec out a "best in class" oil, it would be Lubriplate's FMO-AW oil,
specifically the 350-AW weight. This is an oil designed with very high boundary protection and very high corrosion resistance -
especially in the presence of acids, alkalis, and moisture. It is darned near tailor-made for our use!"
- Quoted from Grant Cunningham's "Lubrication 101"

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Lubrikit Magnum Grease and Oil Kit

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