Lubrikit SFL-B has Hexagonal Boron Nittride (hBN) powder incorporated into it for added protection.
hBN has been used by accuracy afficiandos in their target barrels for some time to help increase cold bore accuracy and prolong barrel life. We took that technology and made it available for application to the rest of your firearms.

While still provding excellent lubricity and corrosion protection the SFL-0 grease acts as a matrix holding the hBN in position so it can be "buffed into" the micropores of the metal on your firearms. As your bolt cycles and metal parts rub together the hBN creates a protective barrier that performs at a level well beyond what any grease can do alone.

hBN proctects up to and beyond 700F and continues to lubricate at extreme momentary forces. So if you find yourself running into high heat and rapidly running alot of rounds through your firearms there is no problem. The metal rides on the hBN layer providing a smooth action even if the grease "burns off" under extreme temperatures.
At the other end of the temperature scale, SFL-0 grease functions down to -40F so it won't stiffen up in winter cold even at temperetures well below zero.

In addition to temperature protection, hBN will increase the lubricity of the action. The oil and grease will have an easier time lubricating between the hBN layers than dealing with rougher metal surfaces.

Try some out and you will be gald you did. - Thanks, Grant

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Lubrikit SFL-B (hBN) Grease and Oil Kit

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