Lubing Your Automatic Pistol - Part 2
Click Here for Part 1 if you missed it.

Another closeup of the rails with the lube on inside top of the channel.

Proceed to add a bead along the top of the frame rails. Again I added a liberal portion here.


After greasing the frame I add a bead along the center of the inside channel of the slide rails.

After lubing the rails, go ahead and add some grease to the guide rod where the spring rubs on it.

Make sure to smear the grease all around the guide to get even coverage.

You can add a dab on the disconnector on the top of the frame (pic not up yet).

After adding your grease, you can reassemble the pistol. Notice the excess that has gathered at the rear.
Have a rag handy to remove the excess. (Release the slide first and then wipe)

After a good wipe down of the excess you should see a faint white line of grease inside the seam
between the frame and the slide. This will let you know your pistol is properly greased.

Remember this grease is nontoxic so if it gets on your hands don't worry about it. Also it will
not stain your clothes so if you get some on your shirt when carrying your pistol it won't be a problem.

After cleaning and lubing your pistol go out and practice with it.....Oh yeah,

Get yourself some Lubrikit Grease and Oil too.



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