How to Lube Your Automatic Pistol - Part 1

How to use Grease to lube your Automatic Pistols.
Here is the Lubrikit Magnum syringe which is a 30cc syringe as well as the 4oz bottle of Lubrikit FMO-AW 350 oil offered on our homepage.

Greasing the rails of your auto pistol is pretty straight forward, but a picture is worth a thousand words
so here is a series of pictures to help you see where to put it.

We are using the Sig p225 as an example (The Swiss model for those that noticed the Euro mag release)
Other automatic pistols like the Beretta, 1911, Kahr, even Glock (maybe use less on the rails)
can be lubricated in a similar way.

Here is the Sig disassembled and ready to lube.

Starting with the frame, add a bead of the SFL grease along the upper inside channel of the frame. This is
Where the greatest amout of force is encountered when firing so a liberal amount is good.


A closup of where it goes:

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