Penetrating Lubricant Oil and Corrosion Inhibitor + Extreme Pressure High Performance Grease



- 4oz bottle of Guardian LP Oil
- Two 15cc Syringes of Lubrikit EX2B Grease

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Guradian LP Kit (With EX-2B Grease)




Guardian LP  is  a  synthetic  penetrating  lubricant  with  excellent  rust  inhibitive properties that can provide years of corrosion protection with a single application.   
This  high  lubricity  formulation  was  developed  with  advanced  aerospace technology and will not gum or dry out and contains Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear additives for high performance lubricity. 
Excellent penetration qualities bring the lubricant into tight spaces with close tolerances like springs under tension, bolts and pins.  It is compatible with most elastomeric compounds such as seals, o-rings and gaskets and contains no CFC / HCFC compounds.
Operating temperature range of the lubricant is -65° F to +300° F and combined with our EX-2B Grease you have
a complete operating range of -80° F  to +600° F.
Guardian LP will penetrate and then leave a protective film that will resist water washout and protect your firearm

Prevents corrosion 4 TIMES LONGER than these top rated firearm lubricants!

Test done by a third party in the ASTM Salt fog chamber (ASTM B-117).

Lubrikit EX-2 and EX-2B Greases

Lubrikit EX-2 high performance grease was originally developed for military aircraft high-speed turbine engine bearings (conforms to the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-81322). With such high mil-spec performance it was clear the grease would be great for firearm lubrication. It has excellent long life and antirust properties with service at temperatures ranging from -80ºF to 600ºF.

Lubrikit EX-2 offers excellent lubricity, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, resistance to fuel, oxidizers and has excellent long-term anti-corrosion characteristics. It also is very stable over time and does not bleed its base oil so it can be used for longer periods between applications.

Lubrikit EX-2B has extreme high temperature protection and additional lubrication obtained by the addition of hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) powder. This powder has been used for many years by target shooters to help reduce wear on the rifling of precision match rifle barrels. The powder is suspended in the grease so it can fill the microscopic voids in the metal parts of  your weapon. Over time with repeated movement it creates a barrier layer of hBN for extreme lubricity.

Both Lubrikit EX-2 and EX-2B will serve you well and keep your firearms running smoothly for generations.




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Guradian LP Kit (With EX-2B Grease)

Guardian LP
is an excellent lubricant on its own and contains Extreme Pressure Antiwear additives that prevent wear from the high forces produced when firing your weapon.
Guardian LP also excels at corrosion protection. In third party ASTM corrosion tests Guardian LP lasted 840 hours in the salt spray test chamber whereas the next best performing oil (Eezox) lasted only 230 hours and most of the other lubricants only lasted 150 hours or less.
Guardian LP provides protection in the presence of acids, alkalis, and moisture with a high resistance to water washout. The oil is great at penetrating into tight spaces and then becomes a protective film that maintains the necessary coverage to keep your firearm protected for long periods. It is also a registered non hazardous “H2 Food Grade” lubricant for use in food manufacturing machines. (No food contact)

A tip: When using Guardian, make sure to shake the container and put on a layer covering the entire part just thick enough to leave a distinct finger print after touching it. It will then become a thin film that stays in place and won’t dry out or seep away.

Non Toxic: Authorized by NSF for use in food processing facilities as a lubricant or anti-rust agent
where there may not be contact with edible products.

Lubrikit Guardian LP and Lubrikit EX Greases

After thoroughly cleaning your firearm, the next step in maintaining good function is to properly lubricate the weapon. Lubrication is as important, if not more so than cleaning so when using Lubrikit grease and oil it’s good to understand what you are trying to accomplish - Preventing Wear and Preventing Corrosion.

Firearms produce high momentary forces when they are fired. These high forces can often cause the oil layer between two parts to be squeezed out resulting in grinding which causes wear. To prevent this from happening, microscopic solids are added to provide "boundary protection".  Basically it is harder to squeeze out microscopic solids than it is to squeeze out a liquid. The solids that provide this boundary protection are known as “anti-wear” or "extreme pressure" (AW/EP) additives.


After Oiling, you want to apply one of the Lubrikit EX
These were originally developed for military aircraft high-speed turbine engine bearings (conforms to the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-81322). They have excellent long life and antirust properties for service at temperatures ranging from -80ºF to 600ºF.
Use the grease on sliding surfaces and spots where you want extra protection from wear.

Lubrikit Guardian used with Lubrikit  EX-2 and EX-2B greases will serve you well and keep your firearms running for generations.


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