Lubricating the AR-15 with Lubrikit Grease


Step 3:

Next we move on to the upper receiver.

The upper receiver has tracks that correspond the those rails on the carrier. They will be identified the same way, by the fact that the finish will wear and be shiny. These spots need to be greased also.

Run a thin line of SFL-0 along these tracks. Using the long nose of the syringe will make access easier to these spots inside the receiver.

Top tracks:

Bottom tracks (on the lower inside part of the top receiver): I don't have a picture of the inside lower area, but run a line of SFL-0 along the two obvious tracks on the inside bottom like you did on the upper portion.

Next, the AR15 needs a dab of grease where the charging handle locks onto the upper receiver. The upper and lower receivers are usually aluminum and the charging handle latches are steel. Just a little dab of grease here will prevent premature wear.


The "Lubri-Kit"
Two 15cc syringes of Lubriplate SFL-0 Grease
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4oz bottle of Lubriplate FMO 350-AW Oil
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Lubrikit -
2 syringes and one 4oz bottle


If you know about Lubriplate and its qualities for firearm lubribcation then you are in the right place.

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