Lubricating the AR-15 with Lubrikit Grease


Now for the Grease:

Step 2:

Next we move on to the carrier.

The carrier has four rails. Two that ride against the inside top of the upper receiver and two that ride on the inside bottom of the lower receiver. They will be identified by the fact that the finish will wear in these spots and be shiny. They need to be greased.

Run a thin line of SFL-0 along these rails.

Top rail:

Bottom rail:

Now do the same on the opposite side of the carrier for top and bottom.


The "Lubri-Kit"
Two 15cc syringes of Lubriplate SFL-0 Grease
Plus a
4oz bottle of Lubriplate FMO 350-AW Oil
$16.95 + $3.00 shipping


Lubrikit -
2 syringes and one 4oz bottle


If you know about Lubriplate and its qualities for firearm lubrication then you are in the right place.

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