AR-15 Lubrication with Lubrikit Grease


I have noticed many people under lubricate their AR15's. This rifle has fairly tight tolerances and needs to be well lubricated. Also, proper lubrication makes the weapon easier to clean since an adequate layer of lubricant blocks carbon buildup.

Grease is beneficial in several places on the AR-15. These places are where the rifle has points of wear that occur due to sliding action. Oil tends to migrate and will not stay in the these areas long enough to be effective. People often fear grease will be too thick to allow for proper function so use a light grease. Lubrikit SFL-0 is a very light grease and functions well even in sub-zero temperatures. It also has high temperature capability and works in temperatures over 300 degrees where many oils will "cook off".

Although it doesn't take a lot of grease to lubricate the AR-15, the areas of sliding wear need to be hit regularly.


To Lubricate the rifle, first start by checking that the weapon is unloaded.

Then start dissassembly of the rifle by pushing in the takedown pin and fold the upper receiver away from the lower receiver.

Pull the charging handle to the rear and remove the bolt carrier. Then slide the charging handle down and out.

Pull the cotter pin from the carrier and let the firing pin drop out of the rear.

Push the bolt to the rear of the carrier and pull the cam pin out.

Remove the bolt from the carrier and then clean all parts with your favorite solvent.

After cleaning you can cover the bolt and carrier with a light layer of oil inside and out. "Light" means just enough to leave a finger print on the part when you touch it.


Now for the Grease:

Starting with the bolt (make sure the gaps in the rings on the bolt are not lined up as this will allow gas to blow by). Put a drop of oil on the rings and then a small dab of SFL-0 grease and smear it around the rings so that the entire circumference is covered.Then squeeze a dab of SFL on the raised band in the middle of the bolt and smear it around it's circumference.





The "Lubri-Kit"

Two 15cc syringes of Lubriplate SFL-0 Grease
Plus a
4oz bottle of Lubriplate FMO 350-AW Oil
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Lubrikit -
2 syringes and one 4oz bottle


If you know about Lubriplate and its qualities for firearm lubrication then you are in the right place.

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